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A listing of All of the Characters on Westing Games of the Ellen Raskin

A listing of All of the Characters on Westing Games of the Ellen Raskin

Dr. Jake Wexler: Their legitimate field are a beneficial podiatrist – however, personally, he is a bookie (a gambler). His sense of humor and you will spontaneity don’t seem to fit extremely well with his wife’s snobbish character. He and Jimmy Hoo switch spouses on the Westing Video game – he or she is for each and every paired with brand new other people’s girlfriend. Jake are form and you will friendly in order to Mrs. Hoo, just who talks nothing English; although not, he soon gets envious of his wife’s relationship having Mr. Hoo.

Grace Windsor (Windkloppel) Wexler: Good pretentious social climber, Elegance Wexler is the niece from Sam Westing. A low girl, she dotes with the stunning Angela and you may ignores the woman other ds away from are an interior elizabeth, she sooner or later understands that their men seeking couples true contacting is the restaurant team.

Angela Wexler: Having blond hair, blue eyes and you may a keen angel face, Angela resembles the newest lifeless Violet Westing – in more implies than simply one to. Angela done a year out-of university and you can desires to getting an effective d matrimony which have plastic surgery intern Denton Deere. Sorely obedient in order to the woman mom, Angela cause an effective firework bomb rather than speak out up against this new involvement. She leads to the hospital while her sibling is attributed on bombing. The lady mate Sydelle Pulaski is additionally hospitalized that have wounds out of a keen prior to bombing.

“Turtle” Wexler: Turtle was smart, but bad throughout the getting neglected and you will forgotten because of the the woman mother. She takes out their outrage by the kicking man’s shins. not, she discovers a replacement mother inside Flowers Baumbach, the lady companion. Ambitious and you will matter-experienced, Turtle decides one to Westing’s instruction to “purchase Westing report issues” method for spend money on the stock market. Turtle in the course of time wins the brand new Westing heredity, but don’t suggests the key of your own games.

Brand new Hoo Household members

James Shin Hoo: Nicknamed Jimmy, the guy runs a gourmet Chinese bistro. His genuine dream would be to end up being a founder – up until the Westing team stole his tip. He is disappointed together with “stupid competitor” son and you may dismissive off his girlfriend. His pairing with Elegance Wexler leads to an impractical friendship. Towards the end of your own guide, she’s taken over the fresh new restaurant team as he is business a more developed creativity.

Sunlight Lin Hoo: An indigenous regarding Asia, “Sunny” is actually Jimmy Hoo’s alone girlfriend. Skipped by the really, she discovers a buddy in the Jake Wexler, her games mate whom teaches their English. She wants to go to Asia in fact it is disappointed with preparing and you will putting on old-designed clothes. She and resorts to stealing to save cash to your trip.

Doug Hoo: Doug try a twelfth grade tune star which doesn’t worry about winning the new genetics – he will pay for college courtesy athletic grants. Turtle features an excellent break on the your, however, he despises their given that she kicks shins. Their lover and best buddy was Theo Theodorakis. Doug continues to have a keen Olympic-medal-successful field.

The Theodorakis Friends

George Theodorakis: Nothing of one’s heirs, his Westing relationship are Violet. The guy and you can Violet, Sam’s daughter, have been youngsters sweethearts. Yet not, the lady mom broke him or her right up. As opposed to marry her mother’s choices, Violet drowned herself. Mr. Theodorakis now operates the fresh new eatery into the Sunset Systems.

Catherine Theodorakis: A soft, concerned woman, Mrs. Theodorakis isn’t an effective Westing heir either. The girl top priority is that if they win, the cash may be used to help the girl man Chris, who is restricted in order to a great wheelchair.

Theo Theodorakis: Theo is a loyal more mature cousin who wants to use the heredity to help this new handicapped Chris. He thinks the answer to the latest Westing Online game is founded on good chess game or towards the strange Otis Emerald. Partnered which have Doug, he is either aggravated by their friend’s lack of love. Theo features a good smash into Angela, but works out partnered so you’re able to Turtle afterwards in daily life.

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