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In the summer off 2015 via GEDmatch I came across a fourth cousin (Dana) so you can whom I’m 1 / 2 of-similar to have 49

In the summer off 2015 via GEDmatch I came across a fourth cousin (Dana) so you can whom I’m 1 / 2 of-similar to have 49

  • Alt D P to create an excellent pivot dining table
  • I managed to pull the brand new (somewhat large) volume dining table here in the rotate table
  • Besides “Unknown”, Parker with 10 occurrences is considered the most preferred off my own personal ancestral surnames; fifteen away from my ancestral surnames were not common by any of my very first 354 FTDNA-overall-suits.

6cM towards the Chromosome 12 (93,176,484 so you’re able to 125,287,936). After inside the 2015 through the ily Reunion facebook category, I discovered some other match (Bob) who is half-identical to we both to have eleven.7cM in this you to area (116,665,672 in order to 125,064,434) and you will 50 % of-just like me getting a deeper 4.2cM around 126,483,038.

Around appears to be a fuzzy line between 125,064,434 and you will 125,287,936 (0.5cM) where I’m half-the same by accident to Dana but she’s perhaps not half-identical to Bob.

I am ready to conclude the DNA common by the Bob, Dana and you can me is even shared with sometimes Hugh Clancy or Marcella Blackall, an average GGGgrandparents from Dana and me.

My personal earliest relative (Antoin, plus a 4th relative to help you Dana) is additionally 50 % of-identical to Bob, including into the Chromsome 12, also anywhere between 112,242,549 and you can 116,643,188 (9.4cM, 1529 SNPs), however, Antoin isn’t 1 / 2 of-just like either Dana or me within sub-part. And therefore, the DNA mutual from the Antoin and you can Bob try not to are from Hugh Clancy or Marcella Blackall. It could attended regarding Antoin’s father, or from your common parent. However, for geographical grounds, it looks prone to came from our common grandma, Ciss McNae part of County Clare because Bob’s ancestors.

I’m still suffering from the fresh new AncestryDNA screen

In that case, then Ciss need passed on the woman maternal Clancy chromosome inside the this region back at my dad, and you can passed on other DNA, in other words their paternal McNamara chromosome, to help you Antoin’s mother.

So i consider you to definitely Bob is probably two times as associated with Antoin and you can me, most likely one another because of all of our McNamara greatgrandfather and you will owing to our very own Clancy greatgrandmother.

One to makes the secret of one’s absolutely nothing gap out of 116,643,188 to help you 116,665,672 where Bob is not half-identical to both Antoin or me.

Bob’s answers are out-of Origins, and you will a descent intense research file that we consulted only has you to SNP inside gap, the one that FTDNA does not take a look at:

Very my conclusion is that somewhere in Bob’s origins there’s most likely an excellent crossover ranging from the thing i will-call McNamara DNA and Clancy DNA, somewhere within that it absolutely nothing gap.

  • We began with 354 fits all of the old , I experienced merely 333 fits using this time. One other 21 need certainly to either enjoys privatised its overall performance otherwise got the brand new time altered because of a significance of reprocessing.
  • My personal 666th meets because of the date is old ily Finder databases is actually doubling in size within over 15 days.
  • My personal 960th and most present meets during compiling these analytics are old . This indicates that growth rate had slowed down somewhat, for the databases now taking on 17 months to twice.


To quit the fresh split-off cost charged by AncestryDNA so you’re able to non-You.S. people, I bought the newest system as a result of a sibling found in the U.S. whom amassed my personal sample on the a visit to Ireland having Hereditary Genealogy and family history Ireland 2015. In addition had a gift away from two establishes away from individuals pleased into let I’d considering your together with DNA fits. A primary relative put one of these, nonetheless it try declined; We are convinced that there is going to have been continuously lip stick combined from inside the toward saliva take to!

Most other users told me your “Lookup suits” box begins to form merely after few weeks. Looking seems to be convenient inside Yahoo Chrome compared to Mozilla Firefox. Unlike other internet search that i used, the newest search engine results do not start out with an amount of quantity of matching performance.

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