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ISC Business economics Concern Papers 2019 Set getting Class twelve

ISC Business economics Concern Papers 2019 Set getting Class twelve

ISC Economics Prior Year Concern Report 2019 Fixed to own Group 12

  • Individuals are permitted additional ten minutes for only training the brand new paper.
  • They have to Not start creating during this period.
  • Address Concern step 1 (Compulsory) away from Region I and four questions from Part II.
  • New suggested scratching having concerns or elements of concerns are offered when you look at the mounts [ ].

ISC Business economics Concern Paper 2019 Set getting Category several

Question 1. Address briefly all the following concerns (i) to (x). [ten ? 2] (i) What is actually implied by-product distinction from inside the monopolistic competition? (ii) Describe an indifference map, with a diagram. (iii) Provide two types of each of the following the: (a) Funds invoices of your own government. (b) Cash costs of the regulators. (iv) With the aid of a diagram, condition the fresh new habits off MP whenever: (a) TP of one’s variable factor has reached a maximum. (b) TP of changeable foundation drops. (v) What exactly is designed by the High-powered Money? (vi) Differentiate ranging from depreciation and devaluation. (vii) Identify any several safety measures you need to take when you are figuring national income from the money means. (viii) Separate ranging from bookkeeping cost and you can chance cost. (ix) With the aid of diagrams, show if the elasticity from also provide was: (a) higher than one (b) equivalent to that (x) What is actually designed because of the capital multiplier? Answer: (i) Device differentiation was a different sort of feature regarding monopolistic competition. Products of various enterprises try similar in nature but they are differentiated with respect to brand, figure, size, the colour an such like. Instance, different brands regarding toothpaste are different on the basis of the colour, preference, packing an such like. The fresh new substance regarding unit differentiation will be to carry out a photo for the the brand new thoughts off client that product ended up selling because of the you to definitely vendor is different from the product sold by several other seller. It permits manufacturers to choose the rate policy for its products individually.

(ii) An apathy map represents multiple indifference contours that may exists because a modification of quantity and/or type of a good ate transform the newest practices trend to own customers. A buyers gets exact same quantity of power of various other combination of items which sit on the same apathy bend. An apathy bend that’s then from the supply suggests large consumption and higher energy. An illustration of an apathy chart is revealed below:

(iii) (a) The revenue invoices of one’s government become taxation as well as the matter acquired on selling away from equity. (b) The newest cash expenses of regulators is appeal repayments and costs on the subsidies.

(iv) (a) When TP out of a changeable grounds is at the utmost, the latest MP of variable basis gets zero. It’s found on diagram lower than. Whenever TP off an adjustable foundation gets restrict in the point An effective, the MP of the variable foundation matches brand new X-axis within section B.

(b) When TP regarding a varying grounds falls, brand new MP of one’s changeable items will get bad therefore the bad productivity so you’re able to measure devote. The trouble is actually found throughout the drawing less than. The newest TP falls anywhere between part A good and A’, and MP will get bad ranging from section B and you may B’.

(v) High powered money is the total monetary liability of your bodies (RBI and you may Main Government inside Asia) of the nation. They include money (notes and you can gold coins within the flow and money set-aside from a commercial bank) and you can dumps stored by the authorities regarding India and you will industrial financial institutions having RBI. They are the states and that majority of folks, Authorities otherwise banking institutions features towards the RBI so because of this are thought while the a liability from RBI. Therefore H = C + Roentgen + OD where H = High-powered money C = Currency stored of the Public Roentgen = Bodies and you may lender deposits which have RBI. OD = Most other places.

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